Google Circle Get more Google Plus Followers

Do you have Google+ Profile or Business Page? You can have more people to Circle it with no efforts at all in Get Free Followers. What more is you can also earn some bucks Following others's Pages. Although there are restrictions on using Google+ for contests, there are ways for you to promote your contests successfully on Google+.

Interestingly, most brands and businesses on Google+ aren’t taking advantage of this opportunity, and they're missing out.

  1. Add Google Circle and get other people to follow it.
  2. Earn Coins doing Google Circle and convert that to money.

How to add Google Circle?

You add your profile for others to follow it here in Get Free Followers and increase the Google Plus popularity this way. Because Google+ isn't just a social network – it's part of a powerful social platform that integrates with key capabilities like Google Docs, chat, hangouts, email and more. For that reason alone, Google+ is a high-value opportunity worth investing time and resources to cultivate.

Below is how you can do this :

  1. Log in to Get Free Followers.
  2. Navigate to Add Page url.
  3. Select Google Circle from the drop-down.
  4. In the Google+ Profile/Page Id field, put the highlighted part of :[Your Id]/
  5. Fill up the required fields and give a CPC (Coins per Click - we've discussed about CPC later in this section). Now click on the Add Page button to submit it.

Points to Remember:

  1. Now your Google+ Profile/Page Id is added to the Google Circle exchange. But it needs some coins (at least same as its CPC), to be visible for the other users to Follow it. Participate in our social exchanges - there's a host of networks in Get Free Followers - to earn coins.
  2. CPC is the amount of Coins that is deducted from your Get Free Followers account, when other users will Follow your Google+ Profile/Page Id. The more it is - more people is interested to Follow your Google+ Profile/Page Id - as they'll receive more coins for that. So always try to put a higher CPC for your Google+ Profile/Page Id to get more Follows.

How to earn Coins doing Google Circle?

Google Circle can also help you make some bucks - did you have this in your imagination ever before? All you have to do is gain some coins by Following other users' Google+ Profile/Page Id. Then you can convert these coins to REAL money from the Coins to Cash section.

Below is how you can earn coins using Google Circle :

  1. Log in to Get Free Followers.
  2. Navigate to Google Circle exchange page.

Now, there are 2 types of Google+ Profile/Page Id you can Follow

Add People to Circle Add People to Circle
  1. 1st, read through the Exchange guidelines and Anyone breaking any of the below ... sections carefully.
  2. Click on the button.
  3. From the Pop-up window, find the Add to Circle / Follow button - as highlighted in the sample screenshot below, and then click on it to Follow the Profile.
    Banner -
    Add People to Circle
  4. Now close the pop-up manually to receive coins.
Follow Google+ Page Follow Google+ Page
  1. 1st, read through the Exchange guidelines and Anyone breaking any of the below ... sections carefully.
  2. Click on the button.
  3. From the Pop-up window, click on the Follow button (as displayed in the sample screenshot above) to Follow the Page.
  4. Now close the pop-up manually to receive coins.

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